98% of Deaths in Canada Were in a Care-home

CTV News television

Nov 15th 2020 @11pm, CTV News reports on the devastating effects on seniors care homes.

10,781 of Canada’s 10,953 Covid deaths were in a care-home.

This number means 98% of all deaths in Canada were in a long term care-home.

That leaves 172 people died outside of a care-home in Canada.

About 5 million seniors age 65 and older in Canada, 7.1% live in care facilities—nursing homes, chronic care, or long-term care hospitals (4.5%), or residences for seniors (2.6%). Census data from 2011 also show that although most seniors are living in their own homes, almost 30% of seniors age 85 and over live in special care facilities.

Number of people in Canada currently in care-homes: 5,000,000

The average life expectancy for those in care homes is just two years.

Average life expectancy in Canada:

  • 73-83 years: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Northwest Territories, and Newfoundland & Labrador, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia
  • 84 years: British Columbia
  • 83-84 years: Alberta, Ontario, Quebec

Average age of death for covid-19 is – 84

Total Canada Covid-19 deaths Nov 26, 2020: 11,710

CDC Published Chance of Death Rate

Chance of Survival Rates

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