Canada Has a Health Crisis

What is killing Canadians will shock you

With the media and government solely focused on one single health issue, we took a look at what is killing the most Canadians. Covid has been attributed to 0.04% of 2020 deaths and the average age of theses deaths is 85. Calling this a pandemic is a stretch by any interpretation of the meaning of “pandemic”. The Spanish Flu killed 2.7% of the worlds population for comparison – 50,000,000 people.

Even more eye opening revelations can been seen when you compare covid to other health problems Canada suffers from. It becomes insignificant compared to multiple other causes of death by factors of 25 times and more. Lets take a look.

In fact deaths in Canada have been the same and have not seen any anomalies whatsoever in 2020.


Canada’s average life expectancy is 82 years

BUT the average age of death for covid is 85? So people with covid are living 3 years longer than those without covid?????

That is one strange “pandemic” where people live longer.


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