CDC Faked 99% of Reported ‘Covid Deaths’ by mislabeling cancer and heart disease deaths

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released a revelation that has alarmed those who believe globalist organizations are hiding a depopulation agenda.

Updated data from the CDC shows that a startling 98.3% of deaths originally linked to Covid-19 were actually the result of other medical conditions.

The CDC’s own Covid dashboard revealed this disturbing information: during the sample week ending August 19, of the 324 deaths reported as “Covid deaths,” only 1.7% were primarily caused by the coronavirus. In actuality, other illnesses—most notably cancer and heart disease—were the cause of most of these cases.

These results are alarmingly consistent with independent reports—such as those from Slay News—that show a marked increase in cancer and heart-related deaths.

The Covid-19 pandemic and this trend have been happening simultaneously, which has raised questions and concerns about potential population control agendas. The disparity between the number of Covid-19 deaths that have been reported and the true primary causes of death is what gives rise to these theories, which cast doubt on the intentions and decisions made by international health authorities regarding the pandemic response.

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