Did You Know Six People/Corps Control Over 90% of The Media You See?

In modern world, it feels like you have an unlimited variety of entertainment and media options right at your fingertips. Traditional media giants are racing to consolidate.

Your reality and is now in the hands of a very small handful of billionaires. What could go wrong????

Six groups control the Narrative and the Message that create your reality and form your beliefs. Everyone’s beliefs are formed from their environment. How many of your beliefs are formed by others without you ever realizing it? More than we realize.

Did you know that all of these big media companies, all big tech and world governments meet once a year in Davos, Switzerland to plan how they want the world to behave, look like and what the narratives should be? The 2000 or so of the global elite (0.00003 per cent of the world’s population, 80% men over the age of 50) meet at the World Economic Forum (WEF) – https://www.weforum.org/events/the-davos-agenda-2021.

So every year Elite government officials and billionaire CEO’s of Media and Big Tech all fly to Davos on their private jets, about 2500 private jets land for the event and rent $140,000/week villas (of them 119 billionaires and 53 heads of state).

Some 2500 private jets land in Davos to ponder global warming. 🤔😂 reports PRAAG.org

Attending can cost corporations over $700,000 to attend. Wonder why they would pay so much? This is where billion dollar deals and political contributions happen.

No they do not get together to see how they can help you…. they are meeting to see how they can help themselves.

Only the very naive believe that Big media, Big Tech and governments goal is to help people.


Wars and pandemics rank at the very top of the list for profits.

Lets look at who the people are that control our societies narratives and beliefs.

Here is another info-graph explaining it

media infographic
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