Does Global death data for past eight years show that any pandemics happened? United Nations Data Reviewed

Even the average person would understand that during a pandemic a lot of extra people die, known as Excess Deaths.

200 million people died during the Black Plague, 50 million during the Spanish Flu and so on.

Did Canada, USA or Globe experience Excess Deaths last few years?

The government and media told us that millions were dying from covid and that was shocking. Covid was deadly!!! Or was it?? Now after 3 years, we have the real data to look at.

This data comes from the United Nations and clearly there was no pandemic. No extra deaths. Seems strange right? Read it for yourself. United Nations Data United Nations Data United Nations Data

So now you have to wonder what was the motivation to the covid lies? Was it the Vaccine push, which was the most profitable business in the history of the world? Over $100 billion was made in just 16 months. Not to mention the mainstream media made record profits, everyone knows, pandemics and wars benefit the media greatly. They are highly motivated to push fear. Was it politicians who grossly enriched themselves by printing more money than any other time in history? Its safe to say it was a combination of all of these together.

So how do you have a pandemic, sorry “The Deadliest Pandemic Ever” and have no extra deaths?

All they did was label every death a Covid death, no matter if hit by a car, or a terminal cancer patient or a natural death, they were all Covid deaths.


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