How to tactfully deny tests, and vaccine requests from your employer

Learn you rights as a Canadian Employee

In this post, I want to help you tactfully refuse vaccines as a requirement for your work.  This also will apply to testing.

So if your employer is  brazen and ignorant enough not to know the law that they are violating by requesting you to be vaccinated as a term of your employment, first understand, that in Canada this is completely illegal.  Knowing this, you can put this issue to rest.

However, if your employer does ask you, or state that if you refuse you will have to submit to testing on a regular basis, there is this law, that also states that it is illegal to require you to test.  It is the GNA law of 2017 formerly known as Bill S-201.

Here is a link to it for you to print out and give to your employer.

Now to the nitty gritty.

If your government regulated employers such as airlines, trains, hospitals, and many others goes to implement this, you simply say, you are willing to get the vaccine if they can provide you with the following information.

  1.  Are there any of the vaccines that are approved for clinical use, and if so what are they?
  2. Can you provide me with a detailed list of adverse reactions, deaths, and other risks of injury that are required in order for you to have informed consent?
  3.  Since the vaccine manufacturers are indemnified from liability if there is injury, death, or long or shorterm adverse reactions, are you willing to accept liability?

This will stop most of them in their tracks.

If they cannot accept all 3 of those terms, you are off the hook, and if they terminate you, there is a slam dunk wrongful dismissal case, and you will be able to sue to the maximum amount you would be eligible set forth by provincial and human rights legislation.

If they do comply with this, (they absolutely will not), you serve them with a notice of liability form from here, and ask them to sign and return to you.  Then if they have met all requirements, still decline, and make them fire you.  You are still in the rights.  But by doing this first, you get to educate your employer, and save all employees from this unlawful discrimination.

The government like everything else they are doing is counting on the ignorance of people to succumb to the bullying, coercion, and unlawful tactics they are using.  Stand strong, stop being intimidated by anything, and you will win.  But the most important part of this, is to share this EVERYWHERE, so that other people, and employers know their rights so that there is not a big shutting down of big and small businesses as they get sued into bankruptcy, which in all likelihood is the goal of the government in the first place.  You will notice that companies like Costco, Superstore, and Retail giants that operate in public settings will not enforce these, because they are illegal, and they know this.  This is an attempt to destroy all businesses that compete with them, creating a monopoly that corrupt government officials are getting paid from to do so.

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