Pfizer admits in inquiry that they lied – They Had Zero research showing Vaccine stopped transmission. It was all a lie. Pfizer CEO & CDC Director Lied publicly.

The biggest scam and propaganda campaign ever waged has now been 100% proven to be a lie right from the horses mouth. The mandates, firings, discrimination, travel restrictions and shaming were all wrong and based entirely on lies.

Pfizer says they were moving at “the speed of science”. Well anyone in the medical field knows, nothing moves fast. Everything must be carefully researched, data reviewed and more time… is always the rule. NOT TO RUSH.

Pfizer and the CDC bold faced lied saying the vaccine would stop transmission. They had done ZERO research.

It did not stop transmission whatsoever

The only thing Pfizer was moving fast for was TO MAKE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in the most profitable business of all time – The DANGEROUS & EXPERIMENMTAL Covid vaccines.

This is criminal FRAUD. How many lives were destroyed, how many people died from vaccines, how many adults and children now have permanent medical problems and how many more will die over the coming years?

These criminals need to be brought to justice.

Watch Pfizer CEO LIE, LIE, LIE to your face on live on television

Watch CDC Director lie to your face

New Alberta Premier denounces all vaccines mandates as worst discrimination in her memory

Government Propaganda machine was in full swing to push the experimental vaccines on the population. The entertainment, Hollywood and sports organizations were all part of it.

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