Pfizer Trials Did Not Prove Safety, They Proved Harm. See Why The FDA & Pfizer Want Their Testing Data Hidden Until 2076

More died in the Vaccine group than those that did not get vaccine.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA), a group of “over 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health care practitioners”, has released a set of slides presenting the organization’s critical analysis of Pfizer’s trials for its mRNA vaccine conducted in 2020 and 2021.  CCCA has published a video version of their presentation.

The CCCA slams the inadequacies, errors, and potential acts of fraud in the Pfizer trials, and finds that “the Pfizer trials did not prove safety, they proved harm”.

The concluding slide contains the following points:

• It’s clear that Pfizer – and the agencies overseeing their trials – failed to follow established, high quality safety and efficacy protocols right from the beginning.

• We have presented Level 1 evidence of harm from Pfizer’s own trial data. Any government which has approved these inoculations, much less mandated them, knew or should have known from the available data that harm would be caused to
its citizens.

• Any government that approved this medical intervention for its citizens should have ensured that the trial had used the appropriate clinical endpoints and high quality safety science.

• Any government official who possesses this evidence and continues to allow its citizens to be inoculated with a toxic agent is, at the very least, negligent.

The CCCA’s PDF document can be downloaded from OCLA’s site here, or from Dropbox at the link here. A media story by Bright Light News about the CCCA presentation can be read here.

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