Renowned Immunologists, Pathologists, Microbiologists & Cardiologists Find Heart and Brain Damage

As the mass vaccination experiment involving novel gene-based agents has progressed, the real-world outcomes have surpassed even our most pessimistic projections. Not only are vaccine deaths and injuries sky high, but the vaccine-induced spike protein persists in the body for months rather than days, and the vaccines’ mRNA reverse transcribes inside the human cell within 6 hours of injection, carrying unknown and untold implications for the human genome.

It will therefore come as no surprise to our followers that Pfizer’s published list of ‘Adverse Events of Special Interest’ is 9 pages long, citing brain stem embolism, cardiac failure and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, to name just a few of the 1,291 injuries. Nor is it unexpected that all-cause mortality is up to 7.8 times higher in vaccinated than unvaccinated populations in the UK, nor that the vaccines have proven impotent against infection and disease.

In Three Major Consequences to be Expected, immunologist and renowned medical scientist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD opened by noting a publication in the Lancet that has confirmed Covid-19 vaccination to be incapable of preventing infection, illness or death. In other words, he said, the vaccines are “absolutely useless”.

Due to the mechanisms described by Michael Palmer, Professor Bhakdi explained, vessel damage and clots are “bound to form” throughout the body following vaccination, in such a way that “vessel leakage will occur, all over the place.” The vaccine will then enter the organs… “the heart, the lung, the liver, the brain”, whose cells will in turn manufacture the spike protein, coming under attack from the immune system themselves. Organ damage can then be expected ensue, from brain injury to heart and lung conditions, to organ failure and death, with risks persisting for months after vaccination given the longevity of vaccine spike production.

Combined with clear evidence that Covid vaccination destroys lymphatic tissue responsible for immune cell production, conferring susceptibility to dormant infections and cancers in the months and years following vaccination, “we cannot afford not to act” Professor Bhakdi stressed, “to stop this vaccine madness.”

Microbiologist and Professor of Biochemistry, Prof. Michael Palmer MD explained the mechanisms by which gene-based COVID “vaccines” cause cell death and perforation of cell walls, through self-to-self immune attack, by instructing the body’s cells to manufacture the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. The magnitude of the effect will increase with each re-injection of mRNA vaccines, he warned, representing a dangerous “fundamental flaw of the entire idea of mRNA vaccines… mRNA vaccines should have died right there.”

Professor Palmer went on to describe mechanisms of vaccine toxicity from the lipid nanoparticles encasing the mRNA technology, which can cause DNA damage and cumulative cancer risks with each vaccine. Crucially for the legitimacy mRNA “vaccine” regulation, regulatory bodies such as the EMA and FDA have declined to assess risks of carcinogenicity when approving products defined as vaccines. “It is very concerning that right now the companies like Moderna and Pfizer are going all out into this mRNA technology, and they want to convert even the good old flu shot to mRNA”, Professor Palmer stressed.

In Expectations Fulfilled: The Scientific Evidencepathologist and MD Prof. Arne Burkhardt provided concrete evidence of the processes described by Professors Palmer and Bhakdi.

Professor Burkhardt revealed that lethal organ damage does indeed occur following Covid vaccination, via both vessel damage and immune attack of tissues in multiple organs, as Professor Bhakdi had described. Professor Burkhardt presented the findings of a team of pathologists, physicians and biologists who had studied autopsies of 30 deaths following vaccination. From ruptured aorta to lymphocytes running “amok” in numerous organs, including in the heart and brain, to unidentified material inside blood vessels, Professor Burkhardt described extensive and widespread harm that was accompanied by spike protein production throughout the body.

His group’s investigations have exposed the fact that routine autopsies are failing to detect clear evidence of vaccine damage, for instance by failing to perform histological studies.

Importantly, Professor Burkhardt evidenced significant amounts of spike protein in the endothelium, or the innermost lining of blood vessel walls, which is precisely the danger that Doctors for Covid Ethics had warned the EMA to expect, as early as February 2021. The EMA, however, dismissed the warnings out of hand, and without evidence, as relating to “minor” issues.

Josef Thoma, MD/PHD and physician from Berlin, explains key evidence of vaccine-mediated damage to the heart and the brain. Dr. Thoma’s presentaton is simple, lucid, and accurate all at once. Show this to your family members who are planning to get boosted.

The Inflammation of the Heart Muscle Caused by SARS Cov 2 Vaccine

By now, everyone has heard that the COVID vaccines cause myocarditis, particularly in the young; however, the significance is downplayed in the media and even in officious medical publications. In the 11-minute video posted below, Josef Thoma MD/PhD, a general practitioner from Berlin, explains what a diagnosis of myocarditis really means: even if it has apparently healed, the patient is left with a lifelong risk of sudden cardiac death, and often also with diminished stamina and quality of life. Thoma presents some recent observations on autopsy materials from vaccine victims, made by professors of pathology Burkhardt and Lange, which drive home he serious nature of vaccine-induced myocarditis. He ends with an appeal to us to protect our children. Please take a look at this important video and share it.
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