Teresa Tam Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ and ‘Detention Centers’

In a 2010 National Film Board of Canada predicatively program documentary OUTBREAK details the Government of Canada’s plans for a future outbreak (COVID-19 in 2020) and how it will take care of those who refuse vaccinations for the virus… by rounding them up and putting them in detention centers.

Who Theresa Tam Really Is

Unfortunately, there is very little information available on her. No date of birth, or place of birth beyond “growing up in Hong Kong”. Even at the schools she claims to have completed, there is no searchable information. One would think they would happy to boast about the accomplishments of their alumnus.

The following credential dates are from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, but it doesn’t look like Tam has actually practiced medicine at all. There are publications with her name on it, but the rest of her past is a mystery.

1965 – Tam is born in HK (source: Wikipedia)
1989 – U of Nottingham medical degree (CPSO profile)
1996 – U of Alberta pediatric residency completed (CPSO profile)
1997 – UBC fellowship in infectious diseases (CPSO profile)
1999 – Independent Practice Certificate issues (CPSO profile)

In her CPSO profile, Tam claims not to have used any other names, which would contradict speculation that she once went by the name “Tan Yongshi”. What’s interesting though is that in researching these schools: Nottingham, UAlberta and UBC, there is no mention of Theresa Tam at all. Once would think that a graduate who is not “Canada’s top doctor” would warrant special attention and adoration. But there isn’t any mention of her at all.

However, Tam was getting into government around that time. It doesn’t look like she ever practiced — ANYWHERE but on the political stage.

Yet she has become “Canada’s Top Doctor”. She graduated medical school in 1989 and never got a license to practice until a decade later.

These are the people in charge of making public medical decisions.

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