The Great Depression, was it worse than our economy now?

We are living in a time known as the SILENT DEPRESSION, we just do not realize it yet.

During the depression, a new house had a price tag of $3,900, which sounds attainable given that the average income was $1,731 per year. A new set of wheels would set you back $860, a movie ticket was just 25c, gas was 10c per gallon and a postage stamp was 3c.

According to Statista, $1 in 1938 USA is equivalent to purchasing power of roughly $18 today.

If you take the values listed here for [1938] adjusted for inflation and figured that percentage on today’s price then:

A house cost $200,748 vs today $408,800
Income was $89,107 vs today $54,132
Car was $44,257 vs today $49,500
Rent was $1,381 vs today $2,100
Harvard Education was $21,617 vs today $242,698

The average house price in the U.S. this year was $408,800, meaning housing costs twice as much now.

1938, When a year’s salary ($89,107) could pay for almost half of a new house. Today the average income is $54,132 a year, showing how earnings have also dropped alot. Cost of cars has really stayed about the same and rents have gone up. But the cost of education has skyrocketed!!!!

Damn 1930’s privilege. Your not poor, just born in the wrong year.”

Cost of living is totally out of control and inflation is stealing your savings and net worth, thanks to politicians endlessly printing money out of thin air. Inflation is just another tax on the people.

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