Lockdown Promoter & Toronto’s Medical Officer’s Husband has “financial ties” to AstraZeneca & Pfizer

Another corrupt politician imposing draconian coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions on the public has been exposed for having direct financial ties to Big Pharma.

Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s “medical officer,” is holding hostage the city of nearly three million people under one of the strictest lockdowns in North America.

Meanwhile, her husband, Richard Choi, is taking cash from AstraZeneca and Pfizer, two pharmaceutical giants that are aggressively pushing Covid vaccines.

Since Jan. 13, Torontonians have been ordered to stay at home. Most businesses throughout the city have been forcibly shuttered since Oct. 9. And Choi, a cardiologist, has “financial interests” in two multinational corporations that are profiting heavily from all the Wuhan flu hysteria. At a panel discussion on June 12, 2020, Choi admitted that he has a vested interest in both AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

A doctor at the Riverside Clinic in Toronto, Choi was described by a moderator for the panel discussion as having “conflicts” with the pharmaceutical industry. These conflicts are about to bring about a huge payday for Choi and his wife as Health Canada just agreed to purchase two million doses of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which was granted emergency use authorization (EUA) by the World Health Organization (WHO) back in mid-February.

De Villa has come under fire in recent days for refusing to move Toronto out of its “Grey Zone” lockdown status, even though only 0.004 percent of the city’s population has been hospitalized for an alleged Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. On March 3, a mere 108 patients in the city were being hospitalized after testing positive for the Chinese flu. Of these, a mere 43 out of more than three million total residents were in an ICU. Even so, de Villa ordered all Torontonians to continue staying home for another two weeks.

“All unelected “public health” officials like Eileen de Villa need to have their perceived power stripped from them!”

At a press conference, de Villa was asked to cite the data she used to justify this extended lockdown, which is killing small businesses, destroying children’s childhoods and collapsing society. She was unable to provide an answer and simply said the goal was to “protect public health.”

Criticisms of de Villa are prolific both on traditional and social media. Many recognize that this tyrant is not only illegitimately imposing restrictions on Toronto, but also doing so at great benefit to herself and her husband. This is the very definition of corrupt politics.

“Strange how so many public health members supporting #lockdown have these interesting connections,” wrote Lysander Murphy in a posted tweet.

The group Bright Light News also issued a statement rightfully condemning de Villa and her husband for their cronyism.

“Like Ontario Science Table member, David Fisman, who took money from a teachers’ union to argue against school reopening, Dr. de Villa stands in clear conflict of interest with her power to stoke public fears and, consequently, increase demand for Pfizer and [AstraZeneca] vaccines,” the group said in a statement.

It is important to note that de Villa is a non-elected official who was appointed to her position rather than voted into it. She has “no accountability” to the public, notes Christine Colebeck, vice president of the Canadian chapter of Children’s Health Defense (CHD). “They say, ‘there’s a virus,’ and they have completely unregulated power,” Colebeck warns.

Los Angeles is suffering under a similar lockdown situation, which is likewise being abused without prejudice to keep residents locked away in their homes presumably forever – or until they decide to take a stand and break free from the tyranny.

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