Turns Out Boris Johnson Did Not Almost Die from Covid, It was all a PYSOP to push vaccines

Coodinated propaganda designed to put the fear of god in to the population and to push the sale of vaccines.

Tory PM Boris Johnson lied when he claimed in 2020 that he came so close to dying from Covid that hospital doctors ‘prepared to announce his death’, an independent prosecutor’s investigation has found – as Skwawkbox and others suggested at the time – and the evidence that proves the case was subject to Freedom of Information Act requests specifically because Johnson went public through the press with his lie, in effect waiving patient confidentiality.

Marcus J Ball, who prosecuted Johnson in 2019 for misconduct in public office, spent months hunting down the details and pursuing both the hospital and the Information Commissioner as well as Number 10 and has published his findings in a long Twitter thread. Key findings include intensive care doctors confirming that the symptoms Johnson and his aides claimed come nowhere near the level at which a doctor might prepare for informing anyone that they had died or were near death – and Johnson’s own subsequent admission, after being confronted by Ball’s findings, that his infection was ‘really mild’.

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