Breaking: Ohio State University Peer Reviewed Study shows Vaccinated patients Died At Twice The Rate Of Unvaccinated

Researchers from Ohio State University conducted a two-and-a-half-year, peer-reviewed study in which they discovered that, even after controlling for age and comorbidities, hospitalized COVID-19 patients who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations had a significantly higher death rate than unvaccinated patients.

The two and a half year study by Ohio State University in which researchers found that 19 patients who received the virus vaccination had a nearly twice-higher death rate than their unvaccinated counterparts.

The single-center study was carried out by researchers from various university departments and institutes, including the academic medical center’s facility. They enrolled 152 patients who were admitted to Ohio State University Hospital with acute respiratory failure between May 2020 and November 2022.

There were 23 vaccinated (vaxxed) and 89 unvaccinated (unvaxxed) people in the COVID-19-positive group.

The COVID-19 patients had mortality rates of 37% for unvaccinated patients and 70% for vaccinated patients. Vaccinated died at twice the rate of the unvaccinated.

“The results showing the COVID-19 vaccinated died at twice the rate were surprising to us and raise questions that should be further researched.”

Immune tolerance is probably caused by the COVID vaccine.

By week three, the Ohio State University researchers saw a trend toward higher total IgG4 antibody concentrations in COVID-19 patients who had received vaccinations as opposed to those who had not.

Compared to IgG, IgA, and IgM, IgG4 is normally found in lower concentrations and is frequently linked to long-term exposure to antigens, such as allergies or parasite infections.

The researchers hypothesized that the immune system may become less sensitive to particular antigens, such as those present in vaccines or infections, as a result of the observed increase in IgG4 among those who have received vaccinations.

The potential involvement of IgG4 antibodies in vaccine-induced non-specific effects (NSEs) was covered in a review article that was published in the journal Vaccine in January.

The authors pointed out that there have been reports of abnormally high IgG4 antibody concentrations in individuals who have received two or more COVID-19 mRNA vaccinations.

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